Multiple Schemes

Many straightforward, simple, and secure schemes are available. From a low income group to high net worth persons, there is a plan for everyone.

High Returns

We are a registered company and have established ourselves as a reliable source of savings. You can rely on us to grow your money effortlessly.

Safe Investment

Our investment systems and solutions are entirely safe to grow, maintain and monitor your cash safely. Save for a better future with us.

Welcome To Laasya Chits

Laasya Chits is a registered private limited company, for many years has been offering very appealing investment alternatives for the public as a chit scheme. This benefits all types of people, including employees, professionals, business people and employees.
Over the years, Laasya Chits has become known as a robust system for conserving and supporting every rupee that its subscribers saves. Laasya Chits attributes its growth to the company’s trust and trustworthiness. We are delighted to be acknowledged as a trustworthy company and continue to serve all our subscribers in the same way.


Wide range of schemes to match your requirements.

Growth Rate

Laasya chits has a high reputation in customer growth; the incentive this apparatus provides for supporters in terms of knowing their Net Interest rates for various opportunities will provide a significant boost to this traditional financial intermediary.

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Best Services

Laasya chits in the chit fund domain is a rewarding and revitalising experience. When the business is running smoothly, grasping innovation for more prominent straightforwardness and better administration.

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Join Laasya chits and get unbeatable returns


  • Step 1

    Chit Value

    The value of the chit is known as chit amount in a newly formed or established group of investors or fund raisers. The subscribers or members of the chit decide on and agree on a chit value.

  • Step 2

    Chit Period

    The duration of the chit is referred to as the chit period. Each chit subscriber pays or contributes once a month for the duration of the chit period that has been assigned to them. It denotes the duration of the chit or states how long the chit will exist.

  • Step 3


    The subscribers are the individuals who form a group in order to invest their money according to the given chit value for the proposed chit period. The subscriber’s main motto behind investing in chits is saving money.